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Luke Anderson, Tim Gosden

Drum Samples
130.96 MB
Drum Samples
Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

    Plus de Luke Anderson

    Plus de Tim Gosden

    If you love drum samples that pack a punch, you’ll love VERY BIG DRUMS. Powerful and saturated mix-ready drum samples which will take your live mix, live-stream broadcast mix or drum pad sounds to a whole new level.

    This collaboration pack from Luke Anderson and Tim Gosden takes meticulously-tuned drums and powerful post-production tools to create a pack that will transform your live or studio drum sound.


    What’s Included

    195 WAV samples

    • 31 kick samples
    • 50 snare samples
    • 12 tom samples
    • 8 hat samples
    • 12 cymbal samples
    • 24 clap samples
    • 12 reverbed cross stick samples
    • 8 reverbed tamborine samples
    • 38 bonus reverbed kick and snare samples

    Gear Used

    Ludwig Shells
    Ludwig Acrolite Snare
    Zildjan Tops
    RAT Distortion
    Vintage Plates & Valhalla RVB

      Demo Song Drum Mix

      Luke Anderson

        Demo Song Full Mix

        Luke Anderson

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