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Ty and Daneen Bottler are worship leaders and speakers based out of Portland, Oregon. They carry a message of transformation through encountering God’s presence. Both Ty and Daneen walk in an apostolic / prophetic anointing that brings people, churches and regions into alignment with the heart of the Father, by understanding their true identity. Their message is a call for God’s sons and daughters to rise up into the callings, purposes and destiny that the Lord has for them. It is a call to display the glory of the Lord wherever they set their feet, so that the prophetic declaration of Habakkuk 2:14, that paints a picture of the knowledge of the glory of God covering the earth, as water on the sea, will continue to be fulfilled.

Ty and Daneen believe that walking in our calling and purpose, does not come from our own effort or striving, but is a fruit and a by-product of our intimacy with the Lord. They also believe that our walk with the Lord will always lead us to action. This action is not accomplished outside of Him, but is done with and through Him, which produces a sense of peace, joy and rest as we are walking out our assignments of bringing His glory everywhere we go.

Ty and Daneen have been married for over 20 years and have 2 wonderful children, Trenton & Kylie. They are based out of Father’s House City Ministries, a church in downtown Portland, Oregon. Serving as the senior associate leaders, they oversee the worship & prophetic ministries in the church, and they continue to champion the message of unity throughout the region. They have had the honor of speaking and leading worship in a number of churches and conferences throughout the Northwest and Canada.

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