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In 2014, the rock band Anberlin announced they’d be disbanding. Within two decades they sold over a million copies of their records, claimed a certified Gold single, and boasted multiple Top 20 hits on the Billboard 200 chart. Their extensive farewell tour offered one last show to fans across the world; from the US to Singapore, to Australia and the UK, Anberlin played from the 12-year old catalogue that immortalized them.

Each member had a new adventure to pursue, and for the band’s lead singer Stephen Christian, it was finally being home with his wife and children. “I’d cultivated an image in my head of what life would be like after Anberlin. I would be home with my family and we’d grow roots in Nashville,” recounts Christian. He set up three different jobs he could do from his house, and settled into his new life.

Within two months all three jobs dissolved.

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