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The presence of Jesus is transformative. As we draw close to Him, He shapes and forms us, heals and restores us, equips and empowers us. Praise and worship is one of the ways we draw close to God, one of the ways we step into his presence. Praise and worship takes us to that place of transformation. This is true for everyone. But when children worship there is a sense of freedom and joy and celebration that I have rarely seen anywhere else. Complete freedom as they draw close to the One who created them. A wholehearted journey to the very throne of God. This CD contains some of the most exciting praise and worship you will ever hear. It was put together by the New Wine kids teams. Practitioners. Those who spend their time with children. They know what engages this generation. And this CD is engaging. The combination of kids who worship wholeheartedly with a CD that truly allows them to express themselves before God is simply awesome.

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