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Leslie Jordan is a creative artist living with her husband and son on lush Tennessee land just outside Nashville. Yes, it is true, Leslie served on staff and led worship at an eclectic church just south of Nashville for ten years made up of a large portion of artists. It is also true that, from 2010-2018, she comprised one half of the Grammy Nominated All Sons & Daughters, is currently one of the Integrity Music Publishing staff writers, and co-founded the Nashville-basednon-profit, The Fold, where she now serves as Executive Director. In addition, what is true about Leslie but is often left unwritten, are the reasons why and how she can do these things, and these reasons are perhaps a more important part of the written account of her life. Leslie is a woman who seeks after a healthy relationship between God, herself, and others who has found herself doing so most fully when she lives as a nourisher and resource. Leslie is a Mother for many and Garden of much.

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