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The Bear Hug Band is excited to follow up their previous album Who’s Got Their Armor On? with their new release, Our God Is Powerful! This POWERFUL album (see what we did there?) is a collection of thirteen songs that focus on the power of Jesus to create, save, and overcome the grave. Dance along to "Psalm 139" and "Still Small Voice"! Jump in the (perfectly safe) mosh pit on "New Creation" and "No Need to Fear"! Learn aerobics, the folly of vanity, and the wonder of God’s plan in the gospel with "Powerful"! From fun and energetic retellings of the true story of Jesus (as in "Wake Up Jesus" and "Hey Peter") to the invitation to prayerful trust in God’s love (as in "Jesus Wept" and "Hope") the band’s prayer is that this album will help children of all ages fall deeper in love with Jesus and develop a vibrant worship life as they follow him. No matter what each day brings, God’s love is pow-pow-pow-powerful! (That’s a lyric reference… just listen to the album, you’ll get it!)

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