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Jesus Happened
Jesus Happened


At 26, Baylor Wilson has already lived a life most people only dream about – excelling at competitive cheerleading, starring in Season 29 of NBC’s Survivor , scoring a country music publishing deal – all before graduating from college. But according to Baylor, these life-making moments were just a precursor to the abundant life she found when she met Jesus. When asked what exactly happened that prompted her to start writing songs
about Jesus, she joyfully exclaims, “Jesus happened.” It’s not a bumper sticker platitude. Baylor’s over-the-top joy for the Lord radiates from deep within, spilling over onto everyone she meets.

Growing up in Dallas in her mom’s cheer gym, Baylor learned from a young age that willful determination could get her far in life. By sixteen, with years of competitive cheerleading under her belt, she earned a spot in an elite performing arts school in downtown Dallas where she studied dance. Outside of school, Baylor was also teaching herself to play guitar, learning country songs and worship tunes via YouTube. “My family was going through a tough time,” Baylor shares, “and I started writing songs as a way to combat my dissatisfaction with the world.”

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