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Ultimate MainStage Collection

Peter James

1.6 MB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires an authorized and working copy of MainStage. Please note the minimum software version needed to run this patch in the “Minimum Software Version” section. If any additional plugins are needed they’re listed in the “Required Plugins” section.
  2. Keep in mind-other plugins or effects may have been used on the original recording. The Patch producer has done their best to replicate any external devices used on the recording. Also effect levels can change a song drastically. Try adjusting the amount/levels of effects or other settings in MainStage and you may find the sound you’re looking for.
  3. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
  4. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!
    MainStage 3 ou plus

    Plus de Peter James

    A Massive 4gigs (unzipped) of sampled Pads, Leads, Basses and ARP patches for MainStage. I've also designed and included 3 shimmer reverbs that can be used with these patches or with any other MainStage patches. This MainStage Concert also includes realtime control over features like Shimmer Reverb Mix, Crossfading and Morphing of sounds and On/Off switching of ARPs and Overdrives. This product ONLY requires MainStage!

    NOTE: Most of the ARP, Lead and Bass patches are MainStage replicas of patches from my 'Ultimate ARP & Rhythmic Collection' and 'Ultimate Lead & Bass Collection'.

      Wide Analog Pad

        Trance Motion Pad (Sidechained)

          Trance Motion Pad

            Sinewave Pulse

              Simple Pad Shimmer

                Saw Pulse


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                  Saw Drive Pulse


                    Ce patch est utilisé sur 1 Chants

                    Saw Drive ARP

                      Rhythmic Saw


                        Ce patch est utilisé sur 1 Chants

                        Random Computer ARP


                          Ce patch est utilisé sur 1 Chants

                          Overdriven Pulse

                            Moog Pad

                              Low Fat Bass

                                FM Bass Pulse

                                  Feedback Lead

                                    Fat Synth Trance Combo

                                      Fat Synth Pad (Sidechained)

                                        Fat Synth Pad

                                          Fat Synth Bass Lead

                                            Fat Moogish Bass

                                              Electro Hard Bass

                                                Dirty Synth Bass

                                                  Computer Organ Pad

                                                    Computer Bass Lead

                                                      Bass Freakout

                                                        Analog Swell Pad


                                                          Ce patch est utilisé sur 1 Chants

                                                          Aggressive Saw Pulse

                                                            Aggressive Lead Talk

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