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We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This patch requires an authorized and working copy of Playback. This patch will run in the free Playback as well as in the pro and premium versions of Playback. Please note the minimum software version needed to run this patch in the “Minimum Software Version” section.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE device at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
  3. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!


    We just want to go over a few things briefly.

    1. These sounds require no DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to use. They can be loaded onto any device/software that will play WAV files.
    2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
      Playback 5.0.1 ou plus

      Plus de Bottega

      Benjamin Tennikoff (Tenni) has a lot of experience in creating ambience and he put his best foot forward for this pack. Aura feels warm and hazy and is a welcome wash of colour.

      This ambience pack is most-definitely versatile, but if you’re wanting to build suspense, create flawless transitions, or create a bed for an acoustic set then this pack will have you covered. Beautifully warm with plenty of width, it's subtle yet complex enough to stand alone. Movement within this ambience pack keeps your ear attentive and interested yet allows you to breathe and detach like only good ambience can.

      Looking to detach? Well, if it’s safe to do so, check out Aura in it’s element:

      Asterial contains 5 packs; ATLASLUNASATELLITECOSMOSAURA, each boasting 4 timbres. Every timbre inside Asterial is a 10 minute long clip, faded in and out, in 18 keys (an octave + a third or G1 to C3). If that’s a little much then look at it this way; Asterial includes 20 unique ambience clips, each 10 minutes long and each of these clips are provided in 18 keys from G1 to C3. That’s 360 clips
      inside Asterial as a whole which means 3600mins of dreamy lushness.

      Relax your ears into the coziest bed of tape delays, analog chorus, Moog’s classic ladder filters, tube spring reverb and analog synthesis.

      Asterial is something Bottega has a lot of experience with thanks to Benjamin Tennikoff, our resident ambience aficionado. Asterial is a huge pack of ambience tracks that you can input into your song as textures and drones, adding incredible dimension to your work. Now when we talk ambience, we are talking beautiful, rich, interesting and mood-setting
      ambience! There are 20 different ambience sounds in total, broken up into 5 packs containing 4 different
      tones each. Each timbre has one and a third octave of range, meaning each ambience texture you like is
      provided in the key you want.

      How long is each ambience track, you ask? Great question because we know that having unique ambience that doesn’t loop is important to many of you (and is simply a bonus of those of you that aren’t too fussed about looping it). Each ambience track is 10 minutes. You want this sound in C# - well here’s 10 minutes of it, gently faded in and out giving you ready-made entry and exit points if you like.

      Each musician/writer handles ambience differently; some of us are already grabbing what is available and putting it into our session and for these people, Asterial offers a plethora of ready made options in every key for longer than you need which means you’re good to go! Others consider themselves purists and habitually create new ambience every time they write and record so that they can achieve more uniquness from top to bottom. Hats off to you! Part of Bottega’s goal is to challenge the way that we all think by offering incredibly high quality ambience tracks, ready-made for ease and efficiency without compromising at all on quality. By providing such a range of timbres you can keep things fresh and creative as well as save valuable time.

      You can be certain that Asterial is created from the best of the best equipment and meticulously recorded and produced to be effortlessly integrated into your session. The minds and ears behind Bottega; Benjamin Tennikoff, Simon Kobler & Grant Konemann, have combined their powers to create and curate a stunning array of ambience that is proving to be an impressive time-saver and another ace up your sleeve.

      Asterial is a sample pack that belongs on every song-writers & producers hard drive and is bound to become an integral part of your work from the moment you download it.

      When you purchase this bundle, Aura III will also available as an ambient pad within the Playback app. 

      NOTE: This bundle is downloadable as 44.1kHz/16bit files, as well as even higher quality 48kHz/24bit files, to ensure you have the file format that suits you best. Keep in mind that the 48/24 WAV files are much larger and will take longer to download. 

        AURA - Example 1

          AURA - Example 2

            AURA - Example 3

              AURA I

                AURA II

                  AURA III

                    AURA IV

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